ABCC is a cryptotrading platform equipped with a team of international industry experts. ABCC was founded with the goal of providing a smooth, user-friendly trading experience. The company also focuses on helping investors identify interesting blockchain assets and provides a secure online trading platform with professional trading services.

Since its inception, ABCC has attracted global interest from investors and crypto currency experts around the world. The commitment of the ABCC team and consultants shows how successfully the company has grown and reached every single milestone: from the introduction of ABCC itself to the introduction of the ABCC Token (AT), from the ABCC Membership Program to the ABCC Cloud.

The mining performance since the release of the AT tokens on July 9, 2018 continues to be extraordinarily successful, the trading volume once rose to 5th place of all coins and continues to rise continuously.

ABCC: free listing for Bitcoin profit

The successful launch of ABCC’s free listing via community voting is another important step for the Bitcoin profit company. The experienced ABCC team takes all necessary steps to evaluate each blockchain project. Project qualification reviews, political risk and other background checks made by onlinebetrug are carried out to ensure that the listed projects have great potential and are committed to long-term performance, which in turn helps to minimise users’ investment risk.

The ABCC team will rigorously review each blockchain project it deems appropriate. The data collected will then be checked for validity. The ABCC team invites all projects that pass the preliminary review to a detailed discussion. Strict due diligence is carried out with regard to the creditworthiness of the blockchain project. Qualified projects on the ABCC platform will then be shortlisted.

ABCC has not only managed to eliminate the ICO guesswork, but also to convey a sense of security through the verification process conducted by a trusted team of professional “crypto gurus”. This gives new investors and all ABCC users access to a shortlist of ICOs with significant potential and a large community of like-minded people to support them in word and deed.

Delta Summit 2018 about Bitcoin profit in Malta

With the growing interest of investors in the Digital Asset Exchange platform, ABCC opens its first Bitcoin profit expansion to Europe. The Delta Summit will take place on 3 and 5 October 2018 in Malta. ABCC will also be there and is one of the main sponsors of the Bitcoin profit Delta Summit along with Binance and OKEx.

The Summit will be a platform where investors and experts can share their experiences with the industry audience. It offers an excellent opportunity to be part of an exclusive crowd of crypto experts, investors and blockchain enthusiasts. The Summit also provides an exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to connect and learn about the latest developments in the blockchain industry.

The Delta Malt Summit will showcase innovative, new and some exceptional start-ups in the crypto universe, as well as top-class keynote speakers.