SegWit activation: What should I consider?

There is currently a certain tension and uncertainty in the Bitcoin community about how the network will decide about Bitcoin in the coming weeks. The community is heading straight for a significant change in the Bitcoin system and at least a temporary solution to the Bitcoin scaling debate. SegWit2x and SegWit have long since lost […]

What is Europe doing?

After the decision on Thursday, many eyes will also turn to Europe. Is the old world following suit and abandoning the principle of net neutrality in favour of competition with American corporations? At present there is a regulation in force in Germany and in all EU Member States which only allows a few exceptions to […]

ABCC receives sponsorship of Delta Summit and reaches Top 5 in Google Play

ABCC is a cryptotrading platform equipped with a team of international industry experts. ABCC was founded with the goal of providing a smooth, user-friendly trading experience. The company also focuses on helping investors identify interesting blockchain assets and provides a secure online trading platform with professional trading services. Since its inception, ABCC has attracted global […]